The Thanksgiving Supply Chain in the U.S.

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Thanksgiving supply chains are increasingly complex. Millions of turkeys, cranberries, and pumpkins are raised, processed, transported, distributed and purchased. In this post, we share an infographic with important facts that drive the thanksgiving supply chain in the U.S. Enjoy!

Facts about the Thanksgiving turkey supply chain

The largest turkey producing state in the U.S. is Minnesota, being the state number one producer of turkey since the late 1950’s. Then comes the states of North Carolina, Arkansas, and Missouri.

In the U.S., 99.9% of imported turkey come from Canada.

90% of turkeys consumed are frozen and 10% are fresh

Retailers plan up to 6 months in advance to ensure sufficient stock for Thanksgiving
Fresh turkeys only have a 21-day shelf life

In 2023 over 46 million turkeys will be served on Thanksgiving according to The U.S. Department of Agriculture



Facts about the Thanksgiving Pumpkins & Cranberries Supply Chain

In the United States all states produce pumpkins but the number one state is Illinois with 634 million pounds more than the followed 5 state combine production. The second largest production state is Indiana with 161 million pounds followed by California which produces 122 million pound of pumpkins a year. All According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Mexico holds an 86% share in U.S. pumpkin imports.

Cranberries are native to North America.

The leaders of the cranberry production are Wisconsin and Massachusetts with over half of the whole country’s supply. Behind comes New Jersey, Oregon, and Washington are the top five leading producers of cranberries.



Planning is key!

Trucking becomes scarce this time of year, that is why planning is key.

Remember, the frozen food supply chain focuses on the amount of supply and volume of demand. Whereas the Fresh food supply chain focuses on velocity and on-time-delivery.

Read about Supply Chain metrics that really matter, here.

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